Plant vs. Zombies 2: Exclusive Gameplay and New Features

Plants Vs. Zombies is an award-winning game of mobile gaming world now the developers have released the second sequel of the game where zombies attack again. The game is developed by electronic arts in the back year of 2014 it was the time when mobile games were not famous. In the current time, games are more famous, and the users of mobile gamers are also increased. Plant vs. Zombies is an action and adventure game, and players can unlock various hero characters in the game.


With every new event and season, the developers have added the new feature as per seasonal changes also; there are few amazing factors about the game. Even after these years, the craze about the game is still maintained, and millions of players play this game. Before knowing about gameplay, players can unlock new plants zombies well, with achievement or using Plants Vs Zombies 2 cheats as well.

Now about the game is that the game starts with the two sunflowers and they have to fight from zombies because zombies mostly eat plants. Completing stages and will provide new plants to fight ad next levels will be tough. Players have to collect other plants for stopping harder zombies ahead. New plants will use the new weapons that players will get and guard your land against the zombies.

Now some important features that can help you to progress game faster

Sunflowers are also very important – It is true that sunflowers are available from the beginning of the game, but it doesn’t mean that in the higher levels sunflowers will be no use. Sunflowers are upgradable, and players can upgrade from mint & Plants Vs Zombies 2 cheats. Players can use them as their defense and offense.

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